The Happiness Contagion
The Happiness Contagion
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More than just a novel. Harry Bridgeman has written a self help book, a manual for world peace, certainly a piece of writing that canchange people's lives.
Kristin is dying. She has always had a vision. When someone suggests she write a bucket list, she does. But it isn't your typical bucket list.
This is the story of Kristin's bucket list told by the people whose lives were changed when they became involved in the Happiness Contagion.

This book will inspire you, lift your spirits and give you everything you need to make your life richer and happier.                                                                                                                                                          

Harry Bridgeman has told his story in the form of this poem:

The wheel of life is always turning
Year by year I continue learning.
I've had SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy) from birth, a slow progressive disease
But that didn't hold me back. I always tried to achieve.
From youth to my teens I made many great strides
I learned how to walk, dance and drive.
My final year of high school life was grand
I had a great job and many life plans.
That winter I had a really bad fall
I fell and broke my femur and life started to stall.
My disease quickly progressed, putting me in a chair
I gave up on most things and thought life was unfair.
With my world crashing down I was young and stupid
I stopped thinking of a future and began to live life deluded.
I still had my driver's license and car
I had a great time with friends and traveled near and far.
Life started to become a party for me
Lots of great times living careless and free.
As the years went by, my disease still progressed
I had to give up my license and became really stressed.
I started abusing drugs to escape my sadness and pain
I started to throw my life down the drain.
There were many years of abuse before something finally clicked
I came to realize I was killing myself, not slow but real quick.
I was able to free myself from the abuse
But felt numb to the world and couldn't break loose.
I had really bad withdrawal and suffered with anxiety
I sunk deep in depression and became withdrawn from society.
It was a time in my life I felt so hollow and frail
Like a boat in the ocean that couldn't sail.
Every now and then you find true friends
Their kindness and caring help you begin to comprehend.
I had one good friend who truly remained
He would come to visit and helped me stay sane.
After a few years I met another true friend
Her smile and caring helped put me back on the mend.
Sometimes all it takes is a caring friend and a smile
It can make you see life's not so bad and still worthwhile.
If I could start over again, I wouldn't change a thing
I learned many great lessons through all of life's stings.
When I was at my lowest I studied the Bible
I was looking for an answer for all my life's trials.
Most of my life I had no true belief or faith
In my struggles and sadness I learned of God's grace.
I know this was all something I had to go through
It made me faithful, wise, strong and changed my world view.
I still get stressed as my disease starts to progress
But I've learned to smile and not regress.
A great lesson in life is very simple but true
Believe in yourself, and don't let your troubles get the best of you.
Over the past year I am happy and feeling alright
I even found a hidden talent. Who knew I could write?

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Harry would love to hear from you. You can contact him here:
Happiness Contagion Poetry
The Happiness Contagion

Being physically challenged from birth Harry Bridgeman's only aspiration was to strive to do the best he could at everything. He wanted to prove to himself that he could do or be anything and that his disability could not stop him.

Life was challenging and Harry temporarily lost his way during a particularly difficult time in his life. After many years of fighting through darkness he was blessed to meet a delightful friend, Anneli. Her smile and positive attitude infected him with a Happiness Contagion. Harry turned this experience into the fictional book, The Happiness Contagion.

Since then Harry has been dedicated to spreading a Happiness Contagion through his Facebook page by writing and sharing poems of inspiration, hope and happiness.

Join Harry in his quest to infect the world. Like his page, buy his books and share his happiness.

Written to inspire and heal the soul, and bring a smile to your face. I was infected by a smile and kindness of a friend that helped me put my life back on track and awakened my ability to write inspirational poetry and fictional novels.
A smile is a language every person can speak, 
it shows beauty and love to everyone you greet. 
It is like sunshine after a rainy day, 
a beautiful rainbow that brightens the day. 
A smile can turn a room of blank faces into a 
smiling bouquet, 
infect everyone you meet and brighten their day. 
The Happiness Contagion is nothing more than 
a compassionate smile, 
show love and kindness and wear a smile in style.