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In this graphic novel by Andre Campbell the author introduces you to Cal, a disabled young man who has had a rough experience in life. Personal challenges and bullying by his peers makes his life challenging to say the least. With his loyal dog, Max and a loving family he remains hopeful that things can get better.
He is given a journal written by his birth mother by his adoptive parents that will forever change his life. 
This is Andre Campbell's statement to all those whose lives are wrought with challenges. It is his reminder that they are not alone in wanting things to get better.
The interior of the Paperback is black and white to also provide an opportunity for the reader to engage in their own artistic experience by coloring it in with the medium of choice.

Andre Campbell is a writer and blogger who has Cerebral Palsy.  This doesn't define Andre, but will allow you to appreciate his incredible accomplishment in creating this graphic novel.

He graduated from high school in 2010, and presently lives on his own in Kitchener, Ontario. Like many young people, Andre didn't love his high school experience. In many ways, he was a normal, angst-y teenager, but if you asked him, he would say that he was made to feel pretty different.

Campbell's peers used his disability and sexual orientation to bully him. Adding issues related to his Cerebral Palsy to this constant insensitivity it became almost too much to handle. But Andre soldiered through.

After finishing high school, things got better for Andre. Nothing changed overnight, but things did change, and they continue to improve. Good changes are possible for anyone, no matter who they are!

Andre wanted to share this message, and thus Starkeeper was born!
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