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Art is available as described and all rights remain with the Artist. 
Authors' books are available in various eBook formats.


WoolysWagon is an independent publisher. We are NOT a vanity publisher, we do not charge contracted authors any fees for publishing. We utilize the CreateSpace publishing platform to avoid unnecessary fees and ensure a quality product. We can utilize the Ingram Spark platform for authors wanting to self publish with the platform when engaged through our independent services option.

WoolysWagon was created to publish and showcase art and literature without taking advantage of the Artists. We can build a package to suit your needs or we can manage your project utilizing service providers you choose.

If you want to publish or showcase your creations on WoolysWagon, you simply need to contact us.  We can display your art on the site for 10 % of the sale price.  Simple.  No hidden fees or charges.  We will keep detailed accounting on all sales of your books or art and provide royalty reporting via email every month. We will pay to your PayPal account on a monthly basis. 

ePublishing simply means we utilize electronic methods to conduct business. We publish both paperback and ebook editions. Our goal is to help every person who wants to be a published author reach their goal, however, we will not publish badly written or unedited work.  We provide editing for contracted authors.  



Many authors simply cannot afford paying the money upfront to be a self- published author and cannot or do not want to take the time to figure out what is needed or learn the various skills. If I feel that a book offers significant appeal, I will contract with an author to publish their book. At this time I do not pay any advances. I provide all services and costs thereof (illustration costs may be excluded), with no upfront fees. My investment in time and services, along with payment for other services and items will reach the neighborhood of $5,000 minimum. The contract has no expiration date, and will succeed to your beneficiary if necessary. As you may realize, I need this time to recoup my investment. Received Royalties are split 50/50. There is no minimum payment, royalties are reported and paid monthly via Paypal.  You have the option of ordering books yourself at a highly discounted publisher's rate but are not obligated to purchase any.  You will receive a minimum of one complimentary author copy of the paperback included in the contract specifications. We also provide promotional material and assist the author in learning how to promote locally as well as using social media. We provide some promotional services through our social media and other contacts but this is not our main focus. We encourage all contracted authors to promote as the purchase location for their books therefore promoting an author helping author platform.

- One-on-One Self-Publishing Tutoring

Before you sink significant money into paying for editors or publishing services, perhaps what you need is an appraisal of what your book really requires.

I will read your book and give you information on the readiness of your book for publishing and what you can do to minimize your publishing costs. What can you do for yourself, what you need to have someone else do and cost saving options. $150

I will also prepare a quote from me to provide services or if your book is ready, perhaps offer a publishing contract. Some want to pay for services and self-publish. Some want to enter into contract where all services are provided and receive a portion of royalties. Both options will be addressed if appropriate.

I will help you understand the process and give you an honest appraisal. I will give you a figure to compare to other service quotes. This isn't coddling, so be prepared for honest feedback.

If you need help during the writing of your book to see if you have a good idea,  how to transition from one scene to another, character development and consistency, then perhaps a monthly retainer fee for a book doctor is what you need. I can walk with you through the initial writing or the final draft of your work to identify and help you correct issues interfering with the believability or readability of your novel or non-fiction work. If you then want me to discuss publishing with you or assist you in self-publishing, that can be arranged through other services.

Perhaps you want to learn how to publish yourself. You are of the mind set that teaching someone to fish will benefit them more in the long run than simply providing them a meal. I can work out a program of tutoring you as you go through the self-publishing process. We can arrange a monthly, fee per process or flat fee for walking with you through the process. I do not do the work for you, but instruct you how to do it. If you plan to release multiple titles and want to be a self-publishing author, this could be the leg-up training that you need. Each training will be based on your needs depending on the genre and type of book you are going to publish. Refresher training is available at a much lower cost, if needed and new training for things you have not learned if you have additional needs later on can be arranged. We can work out a step by step course, we can set up a monthly fee for full training or for asking questions, or we can agree on a flat fee. The length of these courses will be determined by the time you need to learn and implement the skills. You can stop at any time, there is no contracted period.


As you see from the list below, there are many services needed to self-publish your book, either in paperback or ebook format. I can provide these services separately or provide a detailed quote to provide any or all of them.  All quotes are book specific as each book has different needs.  The process is started with a request for quote via email to and providing a word document copy of your book. If multiple services are requested there may be a discount from the individual services quote.


I provide complete editing which includes getting your book into shape for publishing. No seven degrees of editing here, each costing you again and more than the last. One price, with the quote based on your book, after I read it. One firm price for the entire job, a specified number of rewrites, if needed, included.

I do not generally quote per word or page for any editing.  My all inclusive quote includes content and developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading. If I feel the book is not ready because of major writing issues I will recommend that you  do a rewrite.  If you want to compare my quote with the going rate, per word, from the Ediorial Freelancers Association, you can work with the pricing provided there: and click on common rates. Or feel free to compare with other quotes from qualified editors.  If you do not know what you need, I suggest first starting with a book appraisal for $150.00. If I do an appraisal, I will quote for the work I deem necessary to prepare your book for publication. If you accept my quote, I will put the $150 toward the cost of the contracted editing. I can quote for one specific type of editing if requested. The quote will detail what services you will receive.

All editing contracts come with a guarantee.  If you find any errors there will be a specified time period where I will happily make any changes needed in your document.  I generally DO NOT use track changes when providing editing. I edit and send you a completed pdf file for you to review.  You note any things during your read through that you want readdressed. If there are any major concerns, those will be discussed separately in email with you before any edits are completed. My reasoning is that not everyone knows how to ulilize the track changes feature in word.  It often complicates what should be a clean and simple process. I am also not responsible for any errors introduced into a document I have previously edited that has had a rewrite. I keep all edited documents for records of what edits have been made. A rewritten document will need another quote for a re-edit. (This is of course not applicable to contracted authors.)


Producing a paperback requires a special layout based on printing requirements. eBooks require even a more complex layout to be able to be converted without error and provide a pleasant reading experience for your reader. Both are needed to present a professional product.


eBook conversion produces the two electronic versions of your book that you need to sell it in ebook form at online stores. Getting quality, error free conversions is a specific skill, especially if illustrations of any kind are included in your book.


Book covers reach your reader on a different level than the description of your book in words. You need it to draw attention and set a mood for your book. You want to entice without demanding they see you book a specific way. For example, with a book where divorce is a component, you would show conflict, without specifically placing blame. Why? So you don't alienate potential readers or give away your plot.

Paperback covers need a back cover and decisions on what is best put there. There are specific sizing and layout requirements for the front cover of paperbacks and eBook covers. Sometimes you may want different covers for the two versions. They both need to be easily viewed from the thumbnails used on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


This can include marketing assistance, sales monitoring- where I post your files to my accounts, report royalties monthly, or mentoring on self-publishing.

I can tailor a solution that works for you from the three options above. If you have a publishing budget and want to pay for some services to alter the publishing contract, I'm open for discussions.

WE provide Firm Quotes.    WE have REFERENCES.


WoolysWagon has access to illustrators if you just need those services.  Examples of work is exhibited on the Illustrators page. If you like the style of any illustrations shown, simply contact me using the email addresses on the contact page. WoolysWagon will mediate between the author and illustrator to negotiate a fee.


Images of your art will be displayed on WoolysWagon. You will be responsible for submitting a good quality image(s) of your art. When a piece of art is purchased, WoolysWagon will handle the transaction and all negotiations between the Artist and the Customer.  The Customer will submit payment to WoolysWagon and that purchase price will be held until the Customer receives the item.  Shipping of the items via registered mail/return receipt requestedwill be the responsibility of the Artist.  The shipping cost will be negotiated during the purchasing process.

Once the transaction has been successfully completed and the Customer has received the item (return receipt must be used by the sender), the Artist has received proof of delivery and the Customer has notified WoolysWagon that the item is as promised (Please see Customer Relations section) the transaction will be finalized. There is a 7 day window for the Customer to request a refund for art they wish to return.  After the 7 day return request window, the sale is finalized and no return will be authorized.

The agreement between Artist and WoolysWagon will be adhered to and payment to the Artist will be completed as stipulated  above.

WoolysWagon will be happy to facilitate commissioned pieces.  We will handle this process by mediating between the Artist and the Customer and posting the resulting images of the works for your inspection.  You have first choice of purchase if you like the completed work.  You will have a two week window to make arrangements for purchase before the art becomes made generally available on WoolysWagon.

The Customer:

All Customer relations will be handled by WoolysWagon.

If a Customer has a problem with a purchase they will need to contact WoolysWagon.  There will be a time limit of one week regarding issues pertaining to a piece of art received.   The one week period begins at the time the Artist receives the registered mail receipt slip. This policy is in effect to minimize delays in payments to the Artists.  Please be sure to contact us immediately if you have an issue with your purchase.

You may use the contact options to provide us with a review or comment.

We endeavor to make the transactions as uncomplicated as possible for Artists, Authors and Customers.

We just want to provide a place for Artists and Authors to share their creations without all the hoopla.  At present, we will not  ship items to anyone other than the purchaser. If you wish to make special arrangements, you will need to contact us.
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