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Misinformation and confusion about publishing in general and self-publishing in particular is the biggest hurdle faced by authors.

What is the publishing process exactly?
In what order do things need to be completed?
What are the words bandied about by editors, publishers and service providers and what do they mean?
How can I self-publish, what do I need to know?
Are there other options?
What programs can be used to produce paperback and ebook editions of my book?
Where can I sell my books?
What can I expect to make as an author?
What do I look for in a contract with a publisher?
What is a vanity publisher?
How do I promote my book?
Do I have to buy hundreds or thousands of book and store them?
What is an ebook and how do I make one?
What are reasonable costs for services?

The list goes on...and on...

There are skills that need to be learned and information to be gathered before you launch into publishing your book. Decisions to be made.

The most distressing to me is when authors don't know their options, don't do their homework and end up paying money they may never recoup to see their work in print. This money gets paid to many scrupulous and unscrupulous service providers. Contracts aren't read and money is lost.

With this blog, I will share my knowledge, my experiences and experiences of others that I am aware of. (Names will be changed to protect the unaware.)

The information will be far from exhaustive as new providers and avenues emerge every day. It will be what I know and what I believe.