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FemDom Forced Feminisation Fantasies Series
Nevyn Smythe

Nevyn Smythe has written countless stories befitting the BDSM tag and delighting his fans for years under the pen name of Anyport.  One of his specialties is Forced Feminization. As simple as donning a dress for a party to satisfy a domineering wife to submitting (at least in retrospect) to Transgender alterations from a Dominating Madam, FF is a genre and a lifestyle all its own. These collections of short stories provides the FF/TV/TG/ BDSM connoisseur with a selection of erotic and intriguing tales.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fantasies I
- Stories include: Serendipity Or Fate?, A Dish Best Served Cold, After A Fashion, But You Look So Good In That, David Lee, Infatuation, Obsession: An Uxorious Man Remembers, Supply and Demand, The Hypnotist, The Lawyer, and The Reluctant Converts.  These stories are also available as individual downloads if you prefer to check one out first. Search for Nevyn Smythe.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fantasies II -
Stories include: The Businesswoman - A L.A.M.B.S. Story (Ladies Against Male Business Superiority),  Case of Mistaken Identity, A Woman Scorned, Captive Audience, How Sweet It Is, Is This Really What You Want, Kelly's Recruitment, The Consequences, The Email Mistress.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fanatasies III
- Stories include: The Inception of the Club - A LAMBS Story, The Thief, After Sales Service, Car Park Ambush, Amanda's Little Woman, Caught in The Net, The Lie That Changed My Life, Hell Hath No Fury, but Heaven Might; Wedded Bliss, The Transformation.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fantasies IV - Stories: Jack's Tale, The Delivery Man, It's All About The Money, The Counsellor, The Country Club, The Makeover, The Pick Up, Wilfred's Story.

Nevyn Smythe

Dreams. Most of us have them. Then we wake up and they are gone. What do you dream of? A better life? Monsters? Things you want? Things you had?

Suzanne dreams of a man. What would the man of your dreams be like? Tender, strong, handsome? Suzanne's dream man is all of these and more.

Will her desire to be with him affect her ability to function in her daily reality? Will she figure out why she is consumed by his erotic presence before she loses herself to his dominant ways?

Or will she submit?