Lila Maddock
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Lila Maddock

Elle is 33, a mother with twin daughters and a normal life until she begins having black-outs.During these black-outs she has vivid visions of another time, another place. Now her life is not so normal.

Confused about the content of her visions and frightened that the black-outs can happen anytime, she consults a hypnotist. But her help eventually comes from an unlikely source. An author of travel books. She discovers a past that changes her life and returns a love that had been thought lost forever.

A Magic PastA Magic Past
Lila Maddock

Lila Maddock is the pen name used by Lisa C. Maddock from Lancashire in the United Kingdom. As a child Lisa loved animals and dreamed of being a veterinarian. She was employed in several jobs before she made the decision to stay home and care for her two sons, Matthew and Alex.

As a child Lila found she liked being alone reading and writing poems and later, stories. She found she had numerous stories taking form in her mind and felt her characters wanted her to tell their stories. With her eldest son's encouragement she began putting the stories to paper. Finding the solitude she discovered she needs to write remains her biggest hurdle.

Lila resides with her partner, David and her two sons along with their pets Tiger, the cat and Sonic, a bearded dragon. She enjoys watching television and reading, particularly Paranormal Romance.

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Lila Maddock

When Elsa begins her career as an investigative journalist she is strangely drawn to unexplained and odd stories. From her articles she captures the attention of a group calling themselves ANONYMOUS whose purpose is to protect the existence of inhumans, werewolves and others, from becoming human knowledge. ANONYMOUS knows Elsa is special. Elsa has felt special since she was young but doesn't understand why.

Stories are hard to come by and Elsa needs stories to make a living. When ANONYMOUS offers to provide them with a few rules she hesitantly agrees. Things have gone pretty smoothly so far. She has learned more about why she is special and is feeling confident. But her new case will test all she thinks she knows and push her emotions to the limit.