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Suitable for Young Adults

Jesse House feels he's a failure. Maybe he is. Growing up on Detroit's East Side in the 60s and 70s,  his life was nothing if not eventful. From avoiding  the local M.O.B. to trying to figure out who his own family was, Jesse was nearly always confused. 

In this story he tries to figure out how much his  environment played in shaping the person he  became.  If you lived life in his shoes, would you have been any different?


Leroy Maclin is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, he is from a large family of seven sisters and three brothers. He writes about what he knows using his upbringing as inspiration. Leroy also writes poems.

A former paralegal, Leroy loves jazz, art, and great food. He lives with his lovely wife Valerie, of 33 years, in Houston, TX, and they share a son, Daniel.

Leroy's always has a new book in the works. Check back often for new releases.

Other Works by Leroy:
"Homeless Hearts"

Please write to Leroy Maclin and let him know what you thought about his book.



Suitable for Young Adults

Witchita R Forreal could hold a grudge. That's not such a good thing for a witch. Well, not a good thing for you, perhaps, if you get on her bad side.

And the boys in her class did just that, over and over again, year after year after year. Efrem was the latest in a long list of class clowns, bullies and other transgressors that felt Witchita's wrath.

Now Efram was alone. He missed his house, his room, his Mom and actually being at school, if you can believe that.

But Witchita didn't stop at just taking out her grudge on bad boys. She was influencing the whole town.

It would take a coven of witches to stop her.

$10.99 /$5.99