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A Christmas Medley
Carol Kehlmeier

This collection of Christmas Stories by Carol Kehlmeier will be enjoyed by all. With a range of situations in these works there is sure to be at least one that reminds you of your family. 
Stories included: Mixed Up Christmas, Christmas Shopping at the Mall, Christmas at the Food Pantry, A Christmas Memory, First Snowfall, The Hope of Christmas, To Sing with Soul, A Buckeye Christmas, The Best Christmas Gift Ever, Snowbound and The Day After.
A collection of funny and memorable holiday stories sure to make you smile.
Reading these every year will quickly become a family holiday tradition.
Real Treasures
Carol Kehlmeier

For Adults and Young Adults/Teens.
Barbara promised her father to keep Brewster Family Dry Cleaner open. She says it is her 'calling', but it has become her obsessionand not the only one. 
The once family friendly neighborhood is changing, but it is the only home Barbara has ever known. Blessed with two daughters and a loving and understanding mother and husband, what will it take for her to see that her Real Treasure is right in front of her?
Written from the viewpoint of Maggie, nine years old and big sister to Sophie, seven, life in a decaying Ohio downtown springs to life in all its wonder and harsh reality.
Another stunning piece of Americana from Carol Kehlmeier.
I Wanted to Write a Song
Carol Kehlmeier

For Adults and Young Adults/Teens.
Summer of 1941. Times were rough. The United States was suffering from a decade long depression. 

In central Ohio, in the northern area of Columbus, there was a place called Flytown. 

Casey was "goin' on 10" in the summer of 1941. Living with her grandparents and uncles, these few months were about to be some of the most enlightening days in her young life. Casey had a dream…She wanted to write a song about the things she loved.

I Wanted To Write A Song is about dreams and mistakes and the realization of the harsh penalties of life, from the perspective of an idealistic young girl.
Strawberry Season
Carol Kehlmeier

Nancy Quentin's life changed in an instant.
The city girl was convinced into country life with four small boys and no clue. Would she ever be able to adjust?

Carol Kehlmeier brings another slice of life in her trademark Americana style. Both her story and characters ooze with the juiciness of a delicious ripe strawberry.
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Depression in  AMERICANA
$14.99 / $6.99
Stick Figures
Carol Kehlmeier

You've seen them. Stick Figures. Walking through life but...differently. Mattie deals with them every day. A young girl, confused. She can't understand why her life is different from the other children she meets. Loving fathers and mothers are curiosities. Why were hers so different?

Who am I? she thinks. Not lovable. Not pretty. She must be the reason for her mother's 'purple' times, she is certain.

The complications of life unfold for Mattie when she meets others in her neighborhood and learns from them that life is more than Stick Figures.

Depression, suicide and family dysfunction are not new to society. They were hush-hush, whisper, gossip topics. But they were real. Especially for a little girl that had to learn about life watching other people's families.

Carol Kehlmeier

        1 cup Memme
        2 siblings, equal portions
        3 separate 1/4cup of various husband

        3 assorted grandchildren
        2 specially selected grandchildren
        1 patient husband
        2 unusual wives
        1 ex-wife
        Sprinkling of newly found sister

Mix ½ cup Memme and 1 siblings together in 2 separate bowls. To 1 bowl add 1 unusual wife. Separate 2nd Memme mix into 3 bowls and add ¼ cup of various husband to each. It gets complicated from this point so sit and have a glass of wine…

Families are made of different ingredients. Oddities, Misunderstandings, Kindness, Problems, Love, Secrets. They meander, get stirred up, and develop flavors that somehow go together. Not every family is a soap opera of grand events, but they all have their own list of ingredients. This novel won't transport you to a land of fantasy, it won't bring the end of the world. What it does bring is an intimate look into the people that make up one family's recipe.

In "Family Recipe" Carol Kehlmeier does what she does best-creating and developing characters you will recognize, question and want to…well, send to their rooms. From womanizing Joel, the apple of his grandmother's eye to timid Annabelle whose kindness and no nonsense view of life captured the love of his half-brother Kirk, the members of this family intertwine. Each brings their own view and experiences and while often complete opposites, they somehow triumph over the secrets, innuendos and trials of their lives, individually and collectively as a family.
$13.99 /$5.99