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NK Sondhi interviewed both Muslims and Hindus whose families experienced the Partition of India in 1947. The toll on the people of India when forced to flee to the newly formed countries created chaos which lead to the unthinkable behaviour of many people. Families were changed forever. In this novel Sondhi weaves the tales together to create the experience of the family of Doctor Dayal Chand over four generations.

It is not a tale you will soon forget.

                                                                                                                                                                NK SONDHI

NK Sondhi was born one year after the Partition of India. His rich parents lost everything in the holocaust created by Partition and lived the miserable life of poor people. NK's father died when he was eight years old and he grew up doing petty jobs to earn money to complete his schooling.

He was able to complete Night College by working as a salesman at a shop in Qutab Minar. It was here that he developed his interest in historical monuments and began working as a tourist guide. For ten years he worked as a Translator with Government of India. Here he wrote his first article about historical monuments which was published by the Cultural Department of the Government of India in 1972. He also completed his Post Graduation through Distance Education.

Later he joined a Bank where he worked as a manager for thirty years. After retirement NK started teaching banking courses and wrote "Management of Banking and Insurance" for graduate/post graduate students.
With a passion for literature from a young age, NK found his desire to write ignited and he started writing poems inspired by the behavior of students. Seeing the irrational attitude and insurrectional habits of some children he wrote a book "Save Your Children" to help guide parents with nipping bad habits in the bud and elevating the character of their wards.

When later he joined a Senior Citizen's Club he began to hear the sordid stories of atrocities faced by many club members. Many of them were victims of circumstances created by the Partition of India. NK decided to collect more information and bring to light the holocaust of partition and this novel was conceptualized. While most people interviewed were co-operative, some elderly people controlled the expression of their emotions while in the presence of their family members. Many young people born well after partition spoke to NK of the stories they heard from their parents.

Writing this book brought the author both sadness and joy. Interviewing people who had lost palatial houses in the country when forced to move and facing their anger and continued disillusionment was difficult. Some others who were ordinary or common people before partition and then earned name, fame and wealth lifted his hopes and spirit.

NK is presently engaged in writing books on different subjects. He remains very fond of literature and Art.

NK would love to hear from you. You can contact him here: