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Exercise in Bed
Robin Petty

This book developed from a need for an exercise plan that was suitable for a person suffering from chronic pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia and weight problems.  But it also worked for the lazy author who just couldn't develop the 'gym' mentality.  Designed to be done in BED.. yep, in BED, it provides a low impact, low stress and PRIVATE way to reduce everyday pain, improve mobility and stop the vicious circle of pain, weight gain and mobility problems. 

It's a great plan for the elderly, chronic pain sufferers or anyone wanting a plan they can manage on a regular basis from home without expensive equipment. 
And best of all - IT WORKS!
Kangaroo Tales - The Long Black Paddock
Robin Petty

Kevin Kangaroo wants his mates to go with him on an adventure to the other side of the hill.  The elder animals of the billabong warn Kevin of the vrooms who live at the long black paddock.  Will Kevin talk his friends into going?  Will he encounter a vroom? Come along on Kevin's adventures to find out and learn more about the land that is Australia.So c'mon down under Mate.  Meet Kevin and all his friends.  She'll be right

Each book in the series includes a short section at the end with pictures and information about the real animals depicted in the book and definitions of Australian words or phrases used.

Illustrated in cooperation with Robin's cousin, Charles W Hurley, Jr. 

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Button, Button
Robin Petty

Family traditions come about in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it is as simple as...finding a button. Come share the creation of a new tradition in Isabel's family.
Perki Cati
Robin Petty

Perki Cati is a very special cat,
and colorful as a rainbow...
Red, Yellow and Blue.
Come see all the wonderful things
Perki can do!
My Crazy Cousin Courtney
Judi Miller

Cathy doesn't know what to expect when she goes to pick up Cousin Courtney at the airport. Then she sees her-a strawberry blond decked out in heart-shaped glasses, day-glo lavender tights and a hot pink t-shirt that says KISS ME QUICK. Somehow Cathy knows she's in for a wild summer.

Soon she's trying to keep up with crazy Courtney in one outrageous adventure after another. They're having a blast-until they play "I Spy" and think they seen a murder!

Now they're in real trouble! What do they do now?
Bob the Balloon
Cameron B. Hayes

Bob's string slips loose from the balloon man's balloons at the Carnival! Up, Up he goes...
Where? Wherever the Wind Blows!

The print version is a coloring book story with activities.
Van Gogh and The Starry Night
Christina Kara

Eve has a magic paintbrush that allows her to travel through a painting back in time to see the artist at work.

What will she see when she visits Vincent van Gogh?

Eve's ArtWorld Series introduces children to artists and their art using a fact filled fictional story. Complete with activities it is an exceptional entry for children into the fascinating world of art.

Van Gogh and The Starry Night has easy to grasp facts about Vincent van Gogh and his art presented in a fun, beautifully illustrated story.
I Wanted to Write a Song
Carol Kehlmeier            
                                       For Adults and Young Adults/Teens.

Summer of 1941. Times were rough. The United States was suffering from a decade long depression. In central Ohio, in the northern area of Columbus, there was a place called Flytown.
Casey was "goin' on 10" in the summer of 1941. Living with her grandparents and uncles, these few months were about to be some of the most enlightening days in her young life. Casey had a dream…She wanted to write a song about the things she loved.

I Wanted To Write A Song is about dreams and mistakes and the realization of the harsh penalties of life, from the perspective of an idealistic young girl.
Faith Hope & Fury
Laura Antonelli

The Mind processes the highs and the lows of life that pass through our conscious and uncouscious thoughts.

That process becomes a balancing game cancelling out the extreme highs with extreme lows or sometimes by throwing us into a state of denial. When that happens we simply retreat from our reality or make one up.

Faith was on a high. One of the highest. All consuming love.

She had a vision of how life would be. It didn't happen.

The mind in its infinite wisdom will always protect itself first.
A Christmas Medley
Carol Kehlmeier

This collection of Christmas Stories by Carol Kehlmeier will be enjoyed by all. With a range of situations in these works there is sure to be at least one that reminds you of your family. 
Stories included: Mixed Up Christmas, Christmas Shopping at the Mall, Christmas at the Food Pantry, A Christmas Memory, First Snowfall, The Hope of Christmas, To Sing with Soul, A Buckeye Christmas (Best characters ever!), The Best Christmas Gift Ever, Snowbound and The Day After.
A collection of funny and memorable holiday stories sure to make you smile. Reading these every year will quickly become a family holiday tradition.
Real Treasures
Carol Kehlmeier

For Adults and Young Adults/Teens.
Barbara promised her father to keep Brewster Family Dry Cleaner open. She says it is her 'calling', but it has become her obsession-and not the only one. 
The once family friendly neighborhood is changing, but it is the only home Barbara has ever known. Blessed with two daughters and a loving and understanding mother and husband, what will it take for her to see that her Real Treasure is right in front of her?
Written from the viewpoint of Maggie, nine years old and big sister to Sophie, seven, life in a decaying Ohio downtown springs to life in all its wonder and harsh reality.
Another stunning piece of Americana from Carol Kehlmeier.
My Crazy Cousin Courtney Comes Back
Judi Miller

In this second My Crazy Cousin Courtney adventure, Cathy is going to spend the Christmas Holidays with her crazy cousin Courtney in Beverly Hills. After an adventurous visit last summer in New York, Cathy thinks Courtney isn't so crazy any more because she changed.

Little does she know how wrong she is.

Cathy finds herself trying to keep up in one crazy adventure after another. Can she stay out of the police station and off the news?

Not if Courtney can help it!
Ghost in My Soup
Judi Miller

Ten year old Scott's troubles start the day he and his family move to Chagrin Falls. His best friend is now far away, he's stuck in a school he hates and all the popular boys ignore him. Plus, strange things start to happen in his new house. Someone moves his games around, eats half the cornbread, steals the bread knife and lets his little brother out the front door.

Nobody can figure it out. Until Scott sees an old man in his room and his parents one! It's a ghost! A groaning, clanking and much too helpful ghost. A ghost named Malcolm. And since his parents can't see Malcolm, Scott gets blamed for everything the spunky ghost does.

Now Scott's whole life is nothing but a bunch of trouble. What's going to happen next? Well, Malcolm has a few spirited ideas...
My Crazy Cousin Courtney Returns Again
Judi Miller

Courtney's unleashed on the city of New York again!

She's sworn off boyfriends to concentrate on her career, but Cathy wonders for how long!

She's a movie star, a filmmaker and has a date with the movie producer.
But she's still the same old fun-loving (translate into Trouble) Courtney.

Whether she's looking for vampires or calling for a mass hug-in in Greenwich Village, she's about as predictable as a ticking bomb.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fantasies Series
Nevyn Smythe

Nevyn Smythe has written countless stories befitting the BDSM tag and delighting his fans for years under the pen name of Anyport.  One of his specialties is Forced Feminization. As simple as donning a dress for a party to satisfy a domineering wife to submitting (at least in retrospect) to Transgender alterations from a Dominating Madam, FF is a genre and a lifestyle all its own. These collections of short stories provides the FF/TV/TG/ BDSM connoisseur with a selection of erotic and intriguing tales.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fantasies I
- Stories include: Serendipity Or Fate?, A Dish Best Served Cold, After A Fashion, But You Look So Good In That, David Lee, Infatuation, Obsession: An Uxorious Man Remembers, Supply and Demand, The Hypnotist, The Lawyer, and The Reluctant Converts.  These stories are also available as individual downloads if you prefer to check one out first.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fantasies II -
Stories include: The Businesswoman - A L.A.M.B.S. Story (Ladies Against Male Business Superiority),  Case of Mistaken Identity, A Woman Scorned, Captive Audience, How Sweet It Is, Is This Really What You Want, Kelly's Recruitment, The Consequences, The Email Mistress.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fanatasies III
- Stories include: The Inception of the Club - A LAMBS Story, The Thief, After Sales Service, Car Park Ambush, Amanda's Little Woman, Caught in The Net, The Lie That Changed My Life, Hell Hath No Fury, but Heaven Might; Wedded Bliss, The Transformation.

FemDom Forced Feminisation Fantasies IV - Stories: Jack's Tale, The Delivery Man, It's All About The Money, The Counsellor, The Country Club, The Makeover, The Pick Up, Wilfred's Story.

My Crazy Cousin Courtney Gets Crazier
Judi Miller

Before she even arrives back in Beverly Hills, Courtney's on her way back to New York to star in a movie. Unfortunately for Cathy, it's right at the beginning of school.

If anyone knows her Crazy Cousin Courtney it's Cathy. She knows her quiet, stay out of the limelight school plans have just been changed. How will Courtney getin trouble this time?

Cathy only knows that she will!

The crowd went wild, screaming "Go, go, go!" As if they were at a sporting event. Only one person in the world could inspire that kind of crazed response.

I thought I knew her, but this time my cousin Courtney had gone to new heights. She was always springing new talents, hidden accomplishments on me. This time she had sprinted up a tree faster than lightning.

Jolly's trainer was trying to pull Jolly away from Courtney, who was at the top of the tree hanging on and hugging him. Courtney may love animals but this was going too far. She was now feeding Jolly clumps of leaves. It was love at first sight...
Billy's Adventure
Roberta Bradford Magill

Billy has a big imagination. When his mother sends him on a simple errand he starts off on a great adventure into the wilds of darkest Africa! 
What will he find there? Will he return home safely?
This book's illustrations show Billy's actual situation on the text side and his imagined situation on the opposite page. While children are being read the story it allows them to use their own imagination to guess what Billy will see in his imagination.
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Strawberry Season
Carol Kehlmeier

Nancy Quentin's life changed in an instant.

The city girl was convinced into country life with four small boys and no clue. Would she ever be able to adjust?

Carol Kehlmeier brings another slice of life in her trademark Americana style. Both her story and characters ooze with the juiciness of a delicious ripe strawberry.
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$16.99 /$3.99
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Me, Max and the Lucite Boot
Judi Miller

I was the luckiest kid that ever existed. Totally. Life was awesome, though I was afflicted with ASD. Avoiding School Disorder. But, I could forge my own notes. My playground was the Atlantic Ocean. I had my own surfboard with a golden BUZZ painted on it. I rode a wave like a bird in flight. I could skin the highest palm trees and drop coconuts and then scramble down and crack one open and suck the juice. There was scuba diving, snorkelling, pools with water slides, diving off the board any crazy way I wanted.
"Well, Buzz, Eileen and I were married this morning."
"So you're moving to Florida?"
She laughed…"Cindy, no, we will live up north. You'll see snow. You'll have seasons. And two stepsisters."
What? No one asked me anything. I had no say? I felt my wonderful life slipping away…
On the windowsill, however, I spotted a ladybug. No, it was getting bigger. It was a butterfly. A big beautiful one that flew into my drab room. It was the same one that was on the airplane. Then it wasn't a butterfly. It was...moonbeams…
And then I got it.  OH GET OUT! Not the Cinderella thing?

Ghost A La Mode
Judi Miller

Ten year old Scott's move to Chagrin Falls has created  lots of problems and since Malcolm, his house haunting  ghost friend left he has no one to talk about it with. His  Mom is busy becoming a TV commercial star and the  only person willing to talk to him is…well…one of the  most unpopular boys in school.
Then it all changes…
On the wall was a hooded ghost about ten feet tall with sunken eyes and long, knobby hands. I wanted to run  away, but I was afraid the ghost would catch me.
"Who is it?" I whispered desperately.
My mouth fell open.
"Sco… Sco… Sco…" It suddenly sounded scratchy. Like a  record player that was stuck in one spot.Then I knew.  There was no tall ghost on the wall. I got up and looked  at my record player. There was a record on it called "Sound Effects for Ghosts." No one had really been yelling Scottie.

I have been tricked. By a ghost.
"Malcolm?" I asked softly.
"None other," came a voice. "Long time no see, my boy!"
A Vampire Named Murray
Judi Miller

Everyone has a zany relative somewhere in  the family, but it's hard to find a cousin as unusual as Murray - or as much fun! He's certainly different with his pale skin, crimson lips, black cape, bow tie and pointy teeth.
Does everyone from Miami look like Murray?
That's not all Kelly and Kevin Kaufman want to know when Cousin Murray arrives in town for a surprise visit.
Does he really drink all that V-8 juice? Why does noone in the Kaufman family remember having a Cousin Murray? And just where is Vulgaria, anyway?
Kelly and Kevin and all their friends can't  believe that anyone would dislike Murray.  His comedy routine just for kids is the best they've ever heard. 
But the neighbors think that he's too different and they're determined to chase him out. Can  the kids save their friend before it's too late?
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Road Trip: Anecdotes and Essays of a Life Well Traveled
Jean Sorbet Scott

Road Trip is a heartwarming and funny look at the life of Jean Sorbet Scott.  Legally blind, Jean has developed a unique perspective of the trials and events of her life and through her journey, which is presented in a compilation of essays and anecdotes, she demonstrates that even in sadness there can be humor.
From laugh out loud moments to poignant situations, this book has it all.
$14.99 /$5.99
STARKEEPER: Book One-Longing
Andre Campbell

In this graphic novel by Andre Campbell the author introduces you to Cal, a disabled young man who has had a rough experience in life. Personal challenges and bullying by his peers makes his life challenging to say the least. With his loyal dog, Max and a loving family he remains hopeful that things can get better.
He is given a journal written by his birth mother by his adoptive parents that will forever change his life. 
This is Andre Campbell's statement to all those whose lives are wrought with challenges. It is his reminder that they are not alone in wanting things to get better.
The interior of the Paperback is black and white to also provide an opportunity for the reader to engage in their own artistic experience by coloring it in with the medium of choice.
$9.99 /$4.99
Unicorns Dragons & Trolls
Bethany Bull

Unicorns, Dragons & Trolls is a collection of short stories for the young intermediate reader. Included are: The Phoenix and the Dragon, a story of friendship; Bliss and the Magic Unicorn, a story of believing in yourself; Oric, Linus, Pindar and Hera, a dragon story about listening; and The Lonely Troll, an beginner story about bullying.

A Fish A Wolf A Mouse and A Raindrop
Bethany Bull

A Fish A Wolf A Mouse  and a Raindrop is a collection of short stories for the young intermediate reader. Included are: Max and Goldie, a story about the life of fish; The Wolf of Ghost Mountain, a story about animals being captured; Brown and His Wonderful Escape, about a mousely adventure; and Blue, The Story of a Raindrop, where the process of evaporation is told in a context young readers will find fun.

Big T and His Herbivore Friends
Bethany Bull

Big T and His Herbivore Friends is a dinosaur story about a group of friends that stray and then have to go on an adventure to save their friend.

Exquisitely color illustrated these books are a good transition from younger children's books to chapter books. The lessons are not forced but easily integrated into the ending of the story.

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$14.99 / $5.99
$14.99 / $5.99
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Love Therapy
Judi Miller

It was Jeff and Dana's senior year.They had been a couple
since 8th grade. As they left their last graduation party
to drive to the local Lover's Lane to finally consummate
their long relationship it was raining. Even though Jeff
was more under the influence, when Dana suggested she
should drive he refused.

It was a decision that would change their lives.

Dana's love for Jeff was strong even though she didn't get
the support of those around her. She wanted to marry Jeff.
She was a one-man woman.

Could her love survive the ordeal she would be faced with?
$16.99 /$8.99
$16.99 /$8.99
Mr. Rooster and his Magic Hammer
Allison Shoemaker

Mr. Rooster takes care of all the hens at Sunny Hills Coops.
With his magic hammer he fixes things and keeps everyone safe.

Then he wakes up one day and his magic hammer is gone.

Where is it? Who has it?
What will Mr. Rooster have to do to get it back?

The charming illustrations will inspire your child to draw Mr. Rooster and the Sunny Hills Coops.

The story can be a way to begin dialog about bullying, responsibilities, farm animals, where eggs come from and many other topics.

$16.99 /$4.99
EggoCentric - Hide and Shriek
Judi Miller

The Women's Movement released women from man's control and rules, creating new dynamics between the sexes. For some women that would come to mean eliminating men as much as possible from the most basic of interactions - making babies. Yet men were all too ready to help. But at what cost?

Hunter Logan wasn't what she seemed. Or should I say who she seemed? But she was successful and she was a well-known face in Atlanta, Georgia. Just the type of personality he was looking for. He was going to be rich. It was foolproof.
$16.99 /$5.99
Canguro Aventuras
Robin Petty

Kevin Canguro quiere que sus amigos le acompañen a una aventura al otro lado de la colina. Los mayores de los animales del billabong advierten a Kevin de los vrooms que viven al lado del paddock largo y negro. 
¿ Persuadirá Kevin a sus amigos a acompañarle? 
¿Encontrarán una vroom?
Comparte en las aventuras de Kevin para aprender de la tierra que se llama Australia. 
Cada libro de la serie incluye una sección corta al final con fotos y información a cerca de los animales verdaderos que se destacan en el libro además de definiciones de las palabras o frases australianas utilizadas.
$16.99 /$4.99
Cart Full of Husk
NK Sondhi

NK Sondhi interviewed both Muslims and Hindus whose families experienced the Partition of India in 1947. The toll on the people of India when forced to flee to the newly formed countries created chaos which lead to the unthinkable behaviour of many people. Families were changed forever. In this novel Sondhi weaves the tales together to create the experience of the family of Doctor Dayal Chand over four generations.

It is not a tale you will soon forget.

 For a Limited Time
$24.99 / $5.99

Harry Bridgeman

More than just a novel. Harry Bridgeman has written a self help book, a manual for world peace, certainly a piece of writing that canchange people's lives.
Kristin is dying. She has always had a vision. When someone suggests she write a bucket list, she does. But it isn't your typical bucket list.
This is the story of Kristin's bucket list told by the people whose lives were changed when they became involved in the Happiness Contagion.

This book will inspire you, lift your spirits and give you everything you need to make your life richer and happier.
$13.99 /$5.99

Leroy Maclin

Jesse House feels he's a failure. Maybe he is. Growing up on Detroit's East Side in the 60s and 70s,  his life was nothing if not eventful. From avoiding  the local M.O.B. to trying to figure out who his own family was, Jesse was nearly always confused. 

In this story he tries to figure out how much his  environment played in shaping the person he  became.  If you lived life in his shoes, would you have been any different?

$10.99 /$5.99
Nevyn Smythe

Dreams. Most of us have them. Then we wake up and they are gone. What do you dream of? A better life? Monsters? Things you want? Things you had?

Suzanne dreams of a man. What would the man of your dreams be like? Tender, strong, handsome? Suzanne's dream man is all of these and more.

Will her desire to be with him affect her ability to function in her daily reality? Will she figure out why she is consumed by his erotic presence before she loses herself to his dominant ways?

Or will she submit?

$16.99 /$8.99
Judi Miller

There is a killer in New York City. He's targeting ballerinas. Why? How does he manage to hide himself for nearly a year?

He remembered them all vividly. Delicious Lisa had happened by accident. But Elizabeth...she had stopped by for coffee. He left her body in the fountain at Lincoln Center. He scratched his head. No, that was wrong. Elizabeth had been found in the middle of Washington Square Park in a lawn leaf bag. Ah, then there was Nicole. Nicki. With her jet black hair and violet tinged eyes. She had whispered she loved him right before he strangled her. He smiled. Only Heather Cooper had ruined it.

Charlotte Greene in June had been the best. Even better than Lisa. Because she had the same name as Mama. Mama. Suddenly he looked around. His daydreams had to be over. For a year he had worked alone. Now he would have his Mama back. He wouldn't need his girls anymore.

$24.99 /$8.99

Harry Bridgeman

Happiness Contagion Poetry is written to inspire and heal the soul, and bring a smile to your face. I was infected by a smile and 
kindness of a friend that helped me put my life back on track and awakened my ability to write inspirational poetry and fictional 
To learn more about the power of a smile 
I invite you to read my fictional novel 
The Happiness Contagion.
(available @
A smile is a language every person can speak, 
it shows beauty and love to everyone you greet. 
It is like sunshine after a rainy day, 
a beautiful rainbow that brightens the day. 
A smile can turn a room of blank faces into a smiling bouquet, 
infect everyone you meet and brighten their day. 
The Happiness Contagion is nothing more than a compassionate smile, 
show love and kindness and wear a smile in style.
Allison Shoemaker

Have you ever watched a cat sleeping?
Have you seen them dreaming?
Their tails twitch and their paws move around. What do they dream about, do you think?
My Pet Cat, Mac fell asleep after his breakfast and had a dream. Open this book and find out what Mac the Cat dreamed about.

$8.99 /$5.99
$16.99 /$4.99
$12.99 /$5.99
Lila Maddock

Elle is 33, a mother with twin daughters and a normal life until she begins having black-outs.During these black-outs she has vivid visions of another time, another place. Now her life is not so normal.

Confused about the content of her visions and frightened that the black-outs can happen anytime, she consults a hypnotist. But her help eventually comes from an unlikely source. An author of travel books. She discovers a past that changes her life and returns a love that had been thought lost forever.

Laura Antonelli

The Faith Hope & Fury Trilogy heats up with this, the second book. Faith has relocated to start a new life but Hope is becoming a problem. After relocating yet again, new love comes to Faith in the sexy shape of Cass Buchanan, a police officer on loan to the local station after a rash of murders. But Faith's problems continue and she finds herself making regular visits to a local psychiatrist. If you though Hope was devious, wait until you meet Patience.

$15.99 /$5.99
Lila Maddock

When Elsa begins her career as an investigative journalist she is strangely drawn to unexplained and odd stories. From her articles she captures the attention of a group calling themselves ANONYMOUS whose purpose is to protect the existence of inhumans, werewolves and others, from becoming human knowledge. ANONYMOUS knows Elsa is special. Elsa has felt special since she was young but doesn't understand why.

Stories are hard to come by and Elsa needs stories to make a living. When ANONYMOUS offers to provide them with a few rules she hesitantly agrees. Things have gone pretty smoothly so far. She has learned more about why she is special and is feeling confident. But her new case will test all she thinks she knows and push her emotions to the limit.

Stick Figures
Carol Kehlmeier

You've seen them. Stick Figures. Walking through life but...differently. Mattie deals with them every day. A young girl, confused. She can't understand why her life is different from the other children she meets. Loving fathers and mothers are curiosities. Why were hers so different?

Who am I? she thinks. Not lovable. Not pretty. She must be the reason for her mother's 'purple' times, she is certain.

The complications of life unfold for Mattie when she meets others in her neighborhood and learns from them that life is more than Stick Figures.

Depression, suicide and family dysfunction are not new to society. They were hush-hush, whisper, gossip topics. But they were real. Especially for a little girl that had to learn about life watching other people's families.

$14.99 / $6.99
$12.99 /$5.99
That Time between LIFE and DEATH - Volume Two
Jackson Sullivan

What happens or could happen after you die?
Do you disappear?
Do you stay around for a time?
Can you do things, help others, change things?
Do you even know that you are no longer living? 
These stories delve into the good, the bad, the possibilities. Jackson Sullivan takes you to the dark and lighter sides of that grey period, making you think, wonder and shudder at the possibilities.
Volume Two: 
Comes the Breaking Dawn
The Last Ride
The Laughter in His Head
The Monster
When the Moon Was Full
Jackson Sullivan

What is evil? Is it something you can touch?
Is it something that transcends time? What creates it?
Married only two years, Jeff and Angie were happy. Despite recent financial setbacks, Jeff's new business was finally showing promise and he could not wait to treat his beautiful and understanding wife to a long overdue night out.
Evil was afoot that night. It had been for a long time. One innocent decision and it would cross paths with them. Everything Jeff feared would touch him. Everything he knew would be shaken and turned upside down.
Not in the least his sanity.
$13.99 /$5.99
$13.99 /$5.99
$13.99 /$5.99
Carol Kehlmeier

        1 cup Memme
        2 siblings, equal portions
        3 separate 1/4cup of various husband

        3 assorted grandchildren
        2 specially selected grandchildren
        1 patient husband
        2 unusual wives
        1 ex-wife
        Sprinkling of newly found sister

Mix ½ cup Memme and 1 siblings together in 2 separate bowls. To 1 bowl add 1 unusual wife. Separate 2nd Memme mix into 3 bowls and add ¼ cup of various husband to each. It gets complicated from this point so sit and have a glass of wine…

Families are made of different ingredients. Oddities, Misunderstandings, Kindness, Problems, Love, Secrets. They meander, get stirred up, and develop flavors that somehow go together. Not every family is a soap opera of grand events, but they all have their own list of ingredients. This novel won't transport you to a land of fantasy, it won't bring the end of the world. What it does bring is an intimate look into the people that make up one family's recipe.

In "Family Recipe" Carol Kehlmeier does what she does best-creating and developing characters you will recognize, question and want to…well, send to their rooms. From womanizing Joel, the apple of his grandmother's eye to timid Annabelle whose kindness and no nonsense view of life captured the love of his half-brother Kirk, the members of this family intertwine. Each brings their own view and experiences and while often complete opposites, they somehow triumph over the secrets, innuendos and trials of their lives, individually and collectively as a family.
$13.99 /$5.99
Michael Savage was a Marine. Michael Savage was a casualty of the war in Iraq. He wasn't the only casualty.

When Julie called imploring him to help her there was no question that he would. The only thing he didn't know was what form that help would take. All he knew was that he owed her.

What he didn't realize was that her request would also become his salvation.
Oh how he loved her. And she loved him.

The problem was that he was married and his wife wasn't getting divorced. Not without ruining both her husband and his mistress.

As you might suspect, the mistress wants her gone.

What would you do for her...
Brothers. Dwayne and Corey could not have been more different. Corey, the impulsive, risk taking, adventurous one. Dwayne the practical brother, that had financed their automotive business using an insurance settlement from an accident that left him in constant pain. They were successful in business. Corey had set up their accounting software system and Dwayne kept the figures.

Corey was still searching for the right woman in every bed he could get into. Dwayne's second wife was his reason for breathing. When she told Dwayne she had been assaulted by his brother…well, there was No Other Way for him to deal with it.

The plan was all set…
The Ticket
George Rolston

Life is difficult for illegal immigrants in the U.S.A.   Such was the situation for Manuel Contreras, a clerk in a convenience store in the NewYork neighborhood of Flatbush.

He dreamed of winning the lottery, and he would study the winning numbers as he sat at the counter night after night. It distracted him from a fear that this would be the night when  some thug would again rob the store, threatening or maybe even ending his life.

This night would be different for Manuel. He would see a chance to make his dreams come true.              And he would take it.

$13.99 /$5.99
Leroy Maclin

Suitable for Young Adults

Witchita R Forreal could hold a grudge. That's not such a good thing for a witch. Well, not a good thing for you, perhaps, if you get on her bad side.

And the boys in her class did just that, over and over again, year after year after year. Efrem was the latest in a long list of class clowns, bullies and other transgressors that felt Witchita's wrath.

Now Efram was alone. He missed his house, his room, his Mom and actually being at school, if you can believe that.

But Witchita didn't stop at just taking out her grudge on bad boys. She was influencing the whole town.

It would take a coven of witches to stop her.

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