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George Rolston

As a boy in wartime Britain, George attended one of Britain's famous public schools. He was a bored student and it showed in his poor academic performance. He spent much of his time shooting rabbits in the fields and woods around his home to help feed the family. During his lifetime he became a champion shot, winning numerous cups.

His interest in writing originated right at home. His father  wrote histories of the local area. George enjoyed hearing his father's stories of local life.

After law school in London he married and moved to Canada. He is a lawyer and a registered patent agent. His work involved writing long documents, and legal arguments. But it was all facts. It became mechanical, a formula which he repeated over and over.

George received his first job offer through a random meeting aboard a sailboat, in France. His University Professor thought he was not up to it. "Too intellectual," he said. As usual, bored George's marks had been poor. But he declined the Professor's advice and took the job.
During vacation time on the beach he took school exercise books and pens and just wrote. Working as a lawyer just didn't satisfy him. Writing did. "Ideas are all around you," says George. "Just read the newspapers. Truth is stranger than fiction. Pick your news item and turn it into fiction. I just lie under a palm tree, in the Caribbean, close off the left side of my brain and let the creative side take over. Then I scribble down what comes out. Trouble is, I scribble very fast. The hardest part comes later, trying to dictate the text."

He finds dialog suits his style better than narrative. "Listen to people talking," he says. "It takes practice copying phrases, but don't be afraid to try something different. It sounds more creative."

George once sent off query letters to a dozen publishers. He was actually surprised when only one accepted his spy novel's outline. But he never finished it. He has published numerous legal papers in Canada, the U.S.A and Britain. He has held many seminars for inventors. He has appeared in a couple of television shows. "The Ticket" is his first published fiction novel.

George has this advice for writers: "Don't discuss your plots with anyone else, ever. They will always discourage you. Read good authors. Read bad authors. Compare. Then try it yourself. Try my book. If you can do better, go ahead. It's fun.

Jean Sorbet Scott

"Whether in Europe or the states I always looked forward to lying awake & listening to my cousin Jean tell stories." -Julie Sorbet, Nevada

 "My sister Jean is witty, loving, smart, practical, creative, quirky and a really good cook. The 'Cookie Queen'."-Mary Sorbet, Georgia

 "Written by a dear friend who really knows how to brighten your day. This is a must."-Susan Rannestad Frantzen, Norway

"My Aunt Jean is wise, comical, tough as nails, the first to laugh at herself and the last to laugh at someone else. An indomitable spirit to be sure!"-Teri Smith Kupchunos, Georgia
 (Authors note: Paid for (with cookies and chicken wings) by the committee to promote this book!)

Jean Sorbet Scott lives with her husband and best friend, John, just west of Atlanta, Georgia. Their road stretches forever ahead, begging to be traveled.
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Christina Kara

Christina Kara is a wife, mother of three and career woman living in Brooklyn, New York. She loves her family first and foremost but also enjoys her career which she has held at a museum in New York City for over 10 years.

She was born and raised in Brooklyn and loves her neighborhood. She holds a bachelor's degree in art history and a master's degree in international affairs.

She enjoys spending time with her family visiting museums looking at art and other cultural activities. She believes in promoting the arts to children to provide a well-rounded education.

Eve's Art World is one of three series Christina is authoring. Coming soon are the other series, Nicole's Music World and Peter's Science World. These books are dedicated to her children and the promotion of the arts.
Judi Miller

Since Judi Miller was five, she wanted to live in New York City and be an actress. Graduating from the Cleveland Playhouse Children's Theatre she went on to Ohio University where she majored in theatre arts. She left there to go to Julliard School of Music majoring in the Martha Graham technique. She did summer stock where in 'Time Out for Ginger' she acted with then unknown and "wonderfully nice" Dustin Hoffman.

One day Judi had an epiphany: She wanted to be a writer. She was told by an editor and dear friend to earn while she learned so she went into advertising as a copywriter. A creative director was looking at her portfolio and told Judi she could be a different writer if she went to the School of Visual Arts for Graphics, so off she went to learn the meaning of concept which she applies to this day. Not really a 9-5 type of person Judi started her own free-lance company. During this time she wrote many commercials for a radio station heard in the Garment District. She would take menus and business cards and create commercials that would become classics.

She also wrote for newspapers and national magazines, sometimes under the pen names Jennifer Lee, Marla Jenson and Duane Facquard. Judi penned a series of self-help books for adults and younger readers, and a number of Young Adult books followed by numerous Adult suspense titles.

Cameron B Hayes

Cameron B Hayes was born in 1997 and resides with his family in Mountain View, California.

He has attended Benjamin Bubb Elementary, Graham Middle School and Los Altos High School.

Cameron enjoys sports, science, singing and having fun with his many friends.

'Bob the Balloon' is his first book.
Carol Kehlmeier

A master writer of Americana, Carol Kehlmeier is a former newspaperwoman and columnist.

Her freelance work, both fiction and non fiction, has appeared in magazines, web sites, ebooks, newspapers, and anthologies. Her work has also been recognized at writers' gatherings. She writes from Westerville, Ohio.

Laura Antonelli

Laura Antonelli, originally from Algonac, Michigan is an author, mother and a survivor.

Raised in an isolated area Laura was the youngest of four children. Her siblings were much older and young Laura found herself responsible for her own entertainment. She developed a love of poetry, in particular Edgar Allen Poe and a diverse interest in music. Excelling in writing at an early age she also has an interest in the arts which she participated in throughout her high school years.

Laura lives with Bi-Polar Disorder which has been a personal struggle since the age of 14. Despite her problems with failed marriages, mental and physical abuse, drug addiction, and medical dilemmas requiring five major surgeries in 7 years (during which time she wrote her first book), she still managed to raise her daughter and obtain a college degree.

Life has given Laura an untold wealth of unusual experiences upon which she draws in her writing. Life has not beaten her, however. She continues to confront her burdens in life head on with hope and optimism while she pursues her continuing education and writing goals.
Andre Campbell

Andre Campbell is a writer and blogger who has Cerebral Palsy.  This doesn't define Andre, but will allow you to appreciate his incredible accomplishment in creating this graphic novel.

He graduated from high school in 2010, and presently lives on his own in Kitchener, Ontario. Like many young people, Andre didn't love his high school experience. In many ways, he was a normal, angst-y teenager, but if you asked him, he would say that he was made to feel pretty different.

Campbell's peers used his disability and sexual orientation to bully him. Adding issues related to his Cerebral Palsy to this constant insensitivity it became almost too much to handle. But Andre soldiered through.

After finishing high school, things got better for Andre. Nothing changed overnight, but things did change, and they continue to improve. Good changes are possible for anyone, no matter who they are!

Andre wanted to share this message, and thus Starkeeper was born!
Bethany Bull

Bethany was born and raised in South Africa. Her family did not have television until 1976, so her imagination was her main source of entertainment. She had a love of animals and magical creatures and a vast country with big open spaces where she imagined they lived. She would make up stories for her siblings in the evenings. Sometimes she would scare the socks off them and at the same time herself!
The reason she writes for children is the tremendous fun she has making up stories to feed their wonderful minds. They have no doubt an ant can talk. Their imaginations are free to believe. Bethany has always loved writing and reading and won several awards at school. This is her passion and she would love to share it with children around the world.

Please write to Bethany and tell her about your magical animals and what you think of her stories.
Allison Shoemaker

Allison Shoemaker was born near Clearwater Beach in Dunedin, Florida in 1993.

Diagnosed with autism she didn't speak until the age of 7 and a half, but was reading only a year later.

Allison grew up in Chillicothe, Ohio. She graduated from Chillicothe high school with honors and was in the top 20 out of about 250 students. She worked at the Chillicothe Library during her senior year.

She is currently a college student at Southern State Community College studying media arts and cinematography/ television. Allison is learning to make movies and video games. She likes science, especially astronomy.

 She wrote and illustrated this book and had a poem published in Betafish magazine at Ohio University. She likes watching TV- cartoons and documentaries are favorites, reading books, cats, making sculpture out of clay, making jewelry, and painting.

She would love to hear from you. You can email her -
NK Sondhi

NK Sondhi was born one year after the Partition of India. His rich parents lost everything in the holocaust created by Partition and lived the miserable life of poor people. NK's father died when he was eight years old and he grew up doing petty jobs to earn money to complete his schooling.

He was able to complete Night College by working as a salesman at a shop in Qutab Minar. It was here that he developed his interest in historical monuments and began working as a tourist guide. For ten years he worked as a Translator with Government of India. Here he wrote his first article about historical monuments which was published by the Cultural Department of the Government of India in 1972. He also completed his Post Graduation through Distance Education.

Later he joined a Bank where he worked as a manager for thirty years. After retirement NK started teaching banking courses and wrote "Management of Banking and Insurance" for graduate/post graduate students.

With a passion for literature from a young age, NK found his desire to write ignited and he started writing poems inspired by the behavior of students. Seeing the irrational attitude and insurrectional habits of some children he wrote a book "Save Your Children" to help guide parents with nipping bad habits in the bud and elevating the character of their wards.

When later he joined a Senior Citizen's Club he began to hear the sordid stories of atrocities faced by many club members. Many of them were victims of circumstances created by the Partition of India. NK decided to collect more information and bring to light the holocaust of partition and this novel was conceptualized. While most people interviewed were co-operative, some elderly people controlled the expression of their emotions while in the presence of their family members. Many young people born well after partition spoke to NK of the stories they heard from their parents.

Writing this book brought the author both sadness and joy. Interviewing people who had lost palatial houses in the country when forced to move and facing their anger and continued disillusionment was difficult. Some others who were ordinary or common people before partition and then earned name, fame and wealth lifted his hopes and spirit.

NK is presently engaged in writing books on different subjects. He remains very fond of literature and Art. NK would love to hear from you. You can contact him here:
Harry Leonard Bridgeman

The wheel of life is always turning
Year by year I continue learning.
I've had SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy) from birth, a slow progressive disease
But that didn't hold me back. I always tried to achieve.
From youth to my teens I made many great strides
I learned how to walk, dance and drive.
My final year of high school life was grand
I had a great job and many life plans.
That winter I had a really bad fall
I fell and broke my femur and life started to stall.
My disease quickly progressed, putting me in a chair
I gave up on most things and thought life was unfair.
With my world crashing down I was young and stupid
I stopped thinking of a future and began to live life deluded.
I still had my driver's license and car
I had a great time with friends and traveled near and far.
Life started to become a party for me
Lots of great times living careless and free.
As the years went by, my disease still progressed
I had to give up my license and became really stressed.
I started abusing drugs to escape my sadness and pain
I started to throw my life down the drain.
There were many years of abuse before something finally clicked
I came to realize I was killing myself, not slow but real quick.
I was able to free myself from the abuse
But felt numb to the world and couldn't break loose.
I had really bad withdrawal and suffered with anxiety
I sunk deep in depression and became withdrawn from society.
It was a time in my life I felt so hollow and frail
Like a boat in the ocean that couldn't sail.
Every now and then you find true friends
Their kindness and caring help you begin to comprehend.
I had one good friend who truly remained
He would come to visit and helped me stay sane.
After a few years I met another true friend
Her smile and caring helped put me back on the mend.
Sometimes all it takes is a caring friend and a smile
It can make you see life's not so bad and still worthwhile.
If I could start over again, I wouldn't change a thing
I learned many great lessons through all of life's stings.
When I was at my lowest I studied the Bible
I was looking for an answer for all my life's trials.
Most of my life I had no true belief or faith
In my struggles and sadness I learned of God's grace.
I know this was all something I had to go through
It made me faithful, wise, strong and changed my world view.
I still get stressed as my disease starts to progress
But I've learned to smile and not regress.
A great lesson in life is very simple but true
Believe in yourself, and don't let your troubles get the best of you.
Over the past year I am happy and feeling alright
I even found a hidden talent. Who knew I could write?

Leroy Maclin

Leroy Maclin is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, he is from a large family of seven sisters and three brothers. He writes about what he knows using his upbringing as inspiration. Leroy also writes poems.

A former paralegal, Leroy loves jazz, art, and great food. He lives with his lovely wife Valerie, of 33 years, in Houston, TX, and they share a son, Daniel.

Please write to Leroy Maclin and let him know what you thought about his book.
Lila Maddock

Lila Maddock is the pen name used by Lisa C. Maddock from Lancashire in the United Kingdom. As a child Lisa loved animals and dreamed of being a veterinarian. She was employed in several jobs before she made the decision to stay home and care for her two sons, Matthew and Alex.

As a child Lila found she liked being alone reading and writing poems and later, stories. She found she had numerous stories taking form in her mind and felt her characters wanted her to tell their stories. With her eldest son's encouragement she began putting the stories to paper. Finding the solitude she discovered she needs to write remains her biggest hurdle.

Lila resides with her partner, David and her two sons along with their pets Tiger, the cat and Sonic, a bearded dragon. She enjoys watching television and reading, particularly Paranormal Romance.

Please write to Lila and let her know what you thought about her book.
Jackson Sullivan

Jackson Sullivan was born in the South and grew up an avid reader of any book he could get his hands on and a willing listener of any tall tail within hearing. At an early age he discovered horror movies and horror fiction; he freely admits that both affected him, the fiction to the greatest degree. For his affliction he credits (or blames as the mood to write moves him) two writers in particular: Stephen King and Robert McCammon and their stories It and Swan Song, respectively.

He has won some minor awards from regional writing competitions along the way for his short suspense and horror fiction; this is his first published collection. He lives in the South not far from a house that has a tombstone in the front yard and along a stretch of highway that is as well known for its ghost stories and old legends, as it is among the many motorcycle enthusiasts who ride it each year.

Readers who wish to contact him may do so through Facebook:
and by email at