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WoolysWagon is proud to represent artists from all genres and styles.  We present historical works of the artists as well as pieces currently available for purchase. 

Seeing the artist's body of work allow you to get a feel for the artist's passions and style and see work available for purchase.  It also allows you vision to select an artist for commissioning a custom piece if you so desire. (see How it Works for more information)

Artists have also designed some specific gift items at Zazzle that are available from the 'Gifts' page. You can get works on calendars, mugs, t-shirts, buttons and more!
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Robin is an American who paints from her home in Sydney Australia.  Self-taught, she finds herself drawn to the detail of an object, sound or shape and tries to capture that in her paintings.  She signs her works with her middle name LEE. 

Robin says, "Your name may change during your life, but the person you were born remains beneath it all.  The same is true with most things changed by time.  They still retain their true essence if you look for it.  That is what I see and try to share in my art."

Chuck has been painting since he was a young child. His most popular works are his pen and ink stipple pieces. Using a dot by dot approach Chuck creates a highly detailed picture of his subject.

Many of Chuck's works have been displayed locally and he has illustrated several books and book covers for WoolysWagon ePublishing.

There is a set of limited edition numbered prints of Chuck's stipple work. The few remaining prints are available through

Click on the Limited Edition Art link at the top of the page. If you are interested in acquiring a print, contact Shipping is not included in the price.