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WoolysWagon was developed for Artists and Authors to use a shared marketing model to market their creations and as an affordable method to publishing by Authors (subject to contract offer). We also offer a la carte services for authors (click Publishing Services Link).

Participants will benefit from cross-traffic and this is a place for the creator to offer their works for sale to friends, family and other customers thru social or business means.  WoolysWagon does not engage in specific advertising as such and depends on word of mouth traffic. There is no affiliate program for referrals. Everyone who drives traffic to the site will also benefit from traffic brought by other participants.

Promotion on WoolysWagon is also a part of ePublishing packages offered by WoolysWagon ePublishing.  Contact us for more information. robin@woolyswagon.com

WoolysWagon does have a Twitter, Facebook and other presence on the Internet.  WoolysWagon will, through these social media and other networking, create notifications of  happenings on the site and increase traffic to the website.  These may include updates to products on offer or Artists or Authors represented.  All information regarding art or gifts has been supplied by the Artist and WoolysWagon is not responsible for any misrepresentations, except as expressly designated herein. Books are the product of WoolysWagon ePublishing.

Adult or alternative lifestyle content available on this site will be indentified.  We do not exist to censor art or literature, though we do retain the right to refuse any submissions that we deem blatantly pornographic.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Contact us if you have any questions. 


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